‘Dad stop, you’re going to kill her’ i screamed as i looked down at my pregnant, helpless mother who was trying to slow down the pool of blood as it poured from in between her legs.

‘Please’ she tried to multitask as she begged my father to stop

‘Can everyone keep quiet!’ Dad screamed as he held his stare on my 6 year old brother who was the only one that didn’t scream. Didn’t cry. Didn’t flinch.

He wasn’t afraid of the tears coming from me, his 4 year old sister.

He wasn’t afraid of the blood that was pooling from mums’ inner thighs.

He didn’t fear the glare he was getting from my fathers eyes.

My brother was a real man. Nothing like my father obviously – the insecure coward.

I look up to my brother from this very moment. Just because he wasn’t of this beast I call ‘dad’.

‘Stop!’ the alcoholic scent instructed my tone to decrease as my father continued to scream at my mother.

Damn mum, now i definitely can’t tell you about Kalvin and the ‘games’ he plays with me

I can’t put you through more stress, you cry enough as it is already.