I think about you a lot more now that I haven’t got you

I had a choice and I chose to let you go

I couldn’t face it but now I wish I could face you

Hold your little hands

Feel your little feet grow inside me

My little angel , you’re coming back but just not yet

I wasn’t ready and you understand that don’t you ?

I had a choice and I chose what was best for me

I didn’t think about you

Now I’m paying. I’m hurting.

5 weeks was all I had with you but I still miss you

I think about you

I would say I believe in love at first sight

But I never saw you. What do you think of me?

I thought you were too small to have a brain

Too small to understand. Too small to feel

But you were big enough to have a heartbeat

I made that heartbeat stop. I had a choice.

I wonder what you would look like?

Would you have your mothers stubborn lips

Would you have your fathers dark skin?

Maybe your mothers lioness hair

With your fathers squinty glare?

Would you be talkative like your mother with your fathers pure heart ?

I want to tell you where life goes from here, but I don’t even know how your life starts.

You’ve changed my life in so many ways you don’t even have a clue

So I’m not going to cry or say goodbye because you came as a lesson

All I am going to say is I will see you soon….